Intentional, Every Step of the Way

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Through time-honored processes and best practices, Elite’s team of experts knows the perfect stage to harvest the best and most beautiful blooms. We’re trained to meet the highest quality standards and criteria for grading and mixing to meet customer specifications and exceed their expectations.

Insights and Data Fuel The Science of Better

We believe that science fuels the future. That’s why we’re a proud founding partner of Apex Horticulture, an independent R&D center that focuses on innovation, quality assurance, and enhancing consumer experiences through the use of ground-breaking technology.

It’s also why we established the Peter Hannaford and Elite Biotech Research Laboratories, where our scientists work diligently to find solutions to environmentally friendly pest and disease management and cloning and mass production of flowers, and supply top-performing vegetative materials to all of our farms around the world.

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Providing a Better Future

We have the responsibility to leave the world a better place than how we found it. Our team employs many initiatives to help our people and the planet, including: funding research in our R&D laboratories, waste minimization and water conservation efforts on our farms, reforestation of natural habitats, and so much more.

Reliable, Always

Our state-of-the-art technology, robotics and automation allow us to have speedy fulfillment times so you can service the demands of today’s consumers.


The most efficient and seamless processes.


Our renowned flowers are bred using cutting-edge science without compromising our sustainability practices.


Each product is made with care and high standards of craftsmanship.


Providing quick delivery, always.



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